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Fresh House Overview: Mission & Core Visions

Fresh 12/02/2022

Our mission is to help 10,000 of our Alkalign Affiliates earn $5,000+ per month, every month, in the next 5 years.

We achieve this via our exclusively by-referral-only network, our multi-vendor marketplace, and our core backend offer, Healthy Hydration Station profit centers for your home & business.

How it Works

All public content on our network of sites can be shared with a referral link (aka. affiliate link).

When a visitor signs up for free or purchases a product, that new user is linked to the affiliate who referred them.

Our affiliates are eligible for lifetime & recurring commissions, including backend water technology products.

Fresh House Origins

We were hydrating music festivals in 2013-2014 with alkaline, antioxidant drinking water as The Fresh House.

Our platform is designed to empower our Alkalign Water Tribe and Alkalign Affiliates to hydrate events and venues around the world.

Everyone who completes our Success Path (to live fresh and get paid) program has affiliate links to all public content on our site.

We align with Enagic, the Kangen Waterβ„’ company because of their True Health philosophy...

When we experience Physical Health because of our results-getting transformational life-changing products, and we can experience Financial Health with our patented and unique compensation structures, we can experience more Mental Peace.

Mental Peace is harmony in mind, body and emotions.

We talk about Health, Wealth, and Mu-sic (the "Mother Science") at The Fresh House.

If we can empower the robots to earn us money, and as a result we experience greater physical and mental health, we can invest more time doing what matters most, doing what we love, and amplifying our Soulful expressions... playing Music (or art, dance, and everything that sparks your Heart, lights you up, and makes your life more Joyful.)

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