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What’s Fresh House Homies? #

This is our core offer.

It’s just $33.33 per month.

That’s on average $1.11 per day.

Benefits of Homies #

Our Homies get access to our Share the Love ???? Referral Platform, where all public co-created content on our multi-site network can have affiliate links attached.

And sharing affiliate links is as quick as 2 clicks.

We pay 35% lifetime and recurring commissions for all referrals into The Fresh House Network.

Learn more about this in the Share the Love ???? Referral Platform support docs.

Homies Access #

A whole new social network and platform with a Chief Aim of monetizing your Self Realization with a foundation of “True Health”.

Qualifications to be a Fresh House Homie #

We built The Fresh House Network to be a financial vehicle for our friends around the world (our Global Tribal Family) to “Co-Create Festival Earth.”

Our primary backend offer, where we can deliver the most value

How are you feeling?
Updated on 04/19/2022
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