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What are Social Groups at The Fresh House? #

Social Groups are used for a few reasons: #

  1. to offer community access
  2. to encourage discussion and Zoom meetings
  3. to see all Fresh House members interested in a particular topic

All social groups have: #

  • activity feed

What we can do with Social Groups: #

  • Link a program or programs
  • a social group can be linked with a discussion forum

Social Group Roles #

Social Group Roles by default are :

  • Organizers
  • Moderators
  • Members

These names can be changed, for instance:

  • Organizers –> Teachers or Coaches
  • Moderators –> Mentors
  • Members –> Students

Connecting Zoom to a Social Group #

Organizers can link their account for meeting scheduling inside of a social group.

  1. As a group organiser, go to a group’s page and then click the Manage > Zoom tab.
  2. In the Group Zoom Settings, mark the checkbox to connect a Zoom account to this social group. 
  3. In the Group Permissions, select the members who are allowed to create, edit and delete Zoom meetings.
    You can allow all members OR organizers and moderators only OR organizers only to create, edit and delete Zoom meetings within that group.
  4. In the Zoom API Credentials settings, enter the Zoom API Key, Zoom API Secret, Zoom Account Email, and Verification token for the JWT app you created from your Zoom Account page.
    You can click the Setup Wizard button for step by step instruction for creating the JWT app from your Zoom account.
  5. Click the Save Settings button.

Each group organizer can connect their own Zoom account to a social group to avoid meeting conflicts since one Zoom account cannot have multiple meetings running at the same time. 

Zoom - Configuring Zoom for a social group
Zoom – Configuring Zoom for a social group

NOTE: For Social Groups, the Zoom tab respects the privacy settings of the group. 

Upon successful configuration, a Zoom tab is added to the group. You can create new Zoom meetings, view upcoming meetings and also view past meetings within the Zoom tab.

Zoom - Creating a new Zoom meeting for a social group
Zoom – Creating a new Zoom meeting for a social group
Zoom – Feed generated automatically for a scheduled Zoom meeting in a social group
Zoom - Upcoming meetings preview
Zoom – Upcoming meetings preview

Note: To create a recurring Zoom Meeting, mark the Recurring meeting checkbox and set the recurrence preferences. Recurring meetings are represented by a yellow dot () next to them.

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Updated on 09/05/2022
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