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We would love to co-create Festival Earth with everyone.

Currently our systems and platform is geared towards growing our Kangen water business.
Because of this, we are exclusively serving those who are willing and able to join The Fresh House's Kangen Water lineage.

If you are on another Kangen water team or if you're looking to join another Kangen water team, we are currently unable to grant you access to our co-creation affiliate platform, due to blatant conflicts of interest.

If you are would like to discuss co-creation options, please feel free to submit this form...

If you would like to join The Fresh House and you are already an Enagic Representative or looking to join another lineage, please select two options below and submit this form. We will followup with you directly within 12-24 hours. Check your email on file for our message.

Otherwise, if you have ideas for collaboration, please upvote your favorites responses below, and if you have a different idea, please feel free to respond here...

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