Eco-Sustainability of The FreshHouse Network

As our network grows, and we increase users, our digital storage, processors, data centers use more power and resources.

We partner withย only.oneย and to create positive environmental impact paired with the growth of our platform.


FreshHouse Creators = $33.33 per month

  • 35% to Affiliates
  • almost 10% to transaction fees (crypto projects on theย Roadmap)
  • 2-4% to sustainability
  • The remaining 50% is what we have for developing (see ourย Roadmap)

For every 20x Fresh House Creator monthly memberships, we donate to Only.One to plant at least one tree per member per month, 2 corals, removing 3kg of plastic from oceans, and reducing carbon by 0.3 tons every month.

For every 10,000 visitors to our sites, we pay Enrex + GreeningWeb to offset our carbon emissions byย  purchasing renewable energy certificates fromย 


1. Our Carbon Footprint is Neutralized.

Our website is Green, our energy consumption is covered with renewable energy.

Enrex neutralizes our carbon footprint.

They calculate our website's energy consumption (learn how here) via the GreeningWeb widget. Then, they buy renewable energy certificates from renewable energy power plants to cover our consumption.

No user data is being shared with them. Just visitors and website energy consumption.

2. We plant trees, coral, remove plastic from the ocean, and calculate carbon reduction from these activities... so we can measure positive impact our members create.


The Fresh House