Kangen Water vs. Other Water Ionizers

  • Kangen Water vs. Other Water Ionizers

    Posted by Sky on 08/31/2022 at 7:01 am

    When searching for Kangen Water, we often find other water ionizers. This discussion topic is where we will discuss -ORP, Molecular Hydrogen, machine engines, machine maintenance, the insides of the water ionizer machines, and why The Fresh House chooses Kangen from Enagic.

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  • Sky

    08/31/2022 at 7:28 am
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    Tyent Water Ionizers…


    – they look more modern

    – they have 13 plates, versus Kangen’s 7-8 plates

    – they have fancy faucets

    – they have 2 filters instead of one

    What you should know:

    the quality of the plates? the safety of the platinum-coated titanium from the manufacturer… if titanium is exposed, during electrolysis, titanium may become pathogenic and dangerous.

    – How to maintain and clean your machine? What about calcium buildup, self-cleaning, manual cleaning & maintenance?

    – Does the machine make 11.5 pH water (emulsifies oil) and 2.5 pH hypochlorous acid water (kills bacteria 50x faster than bleach and is non-toxic), like Kangen does consistently? What method of saline is used in the machine to produce strong acid and alkaline waters?

    Enagic is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Kangen Water ionizers. Enagic’s 21-point assembly and inspection process ensures each machine for ISO and Japanese medical device standards.

    For filters, you need to ask for the performance data sheets. Ultimately, all water ionizer companies do NOT specialize in water filtration. We believe in Clean & Healthy water, and these require two different technologies. If the water ionizer, producing electron- & hydrogen- rich antioxidant living water is the healthy water tech… then pre-filtration makes the water clean.

    NSF International independently tests and certifies over 8,000+ drinking water systems and publishes their performance data sheets.

    Over the 8,000 water filters tested, the top 26 or so certified to reduce the most and broadest range of contaminants of health concern are all made by one company.

    Multipure, created solid carbon block drinking water filtration technology in 1970.

    Multipure is available as a direct sales opportunity and ships from Las Vegas to US and Canada. For international markets, visit Multipure.com. If you were referred to The Fresh House by a Multipure Independent Representative, please follow up with them, and purchase from them.

    *note: Multipure filters sold on Amazon and other sites for a cheaper price than you see on Multipure.com likely do not come with the Lifetime Warranty nor the 90-Day Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee.

    – IonFaucet.com sells fancy faucets for water ionizers, and they are located next door to Enagic office in Los Angeles

    – While we’re discussing accessories (faucets), KangenCases.com makes it easy to travel with your Kangen machine.

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